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When printing starts, there are no consumables in the nozzle

1. Manual feeding: refer to the above consumables, which are not filled in place. The printer has a problem: when the extrusion head is heated and stationary, the molten consumables in the nozzle continue to flow out due to the influence of gravity, resulting in the empty nozzle.
The problem of static hanging may occur when your nozzle is heated before printing, or when the extruder cools down slowly after printing. If some consumables flow out of your nozzle due to vertical material, you may need to wait a little longer to squeeze the consumables out of the nozzle next time you print.

2. Set skirt: to solve this problem, you need to ensure that the consumables have filled the nozzle. Solve this problem
The common practice is to use something called "skirt" in slicing software. The skirt is a line around the model, which fills the nozzle with consumables before officially printing the model. If you need more "skirt", you can open the "expert settings" in the slicing software tool to increase the number of laps of the skirt; You can also directly set the bottom sideline inside the support.