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The temperature of print head and hot bed fluctuates greatly

Solution: 1 Clean the consumable glue; 2. Check the nozzle high temperature cotton; 3. Check the circuit
Whether it is loose; 4. For motherboard problems, please contact the manufacturer.
Clean up the consumable glue: there is a temperature fluctuation in the machine nozzle and heat bed. The temperature fluctuation is in a relatively small range, generally about plus or minus 3 degrees. This range is normal. If the temperature fluctuation of your machine is more than ten degrees or even higher, it is very likely to be a hardware problem, such as thermal sensitivity problem,
There was a customer who didn't do a good job in leveling during the printing process, and then the printed consumables adhered to the nozzle, but they didn't clean it up, resulting in the extrusion of the consumables and poor thermal contact. The temperature was normal for a while and not for a while, but a thermal sensor was replaced later, so the consumable glue on the nozzle must be cleaned up, Otherwise, model printing may be affected;
Wiring problem: firstly, check the wiring of the nozzle kit, followed by the wiring of the hot bed. Mainly check whether the connection parts at both ends of the heating pipe and thermistor are loose, which can be reinforced again;
Motherboard factor: as mentioned above, there will be an aging process when the machine is used for a long time, and so will the motherboard. If it is in good condition, you can check the motherboard. If it is a problem with the motherboard, you need to replace a component on the motherboard to solve it.