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Famous enterprises visit Rencai Technology

Passionate and creative,Recently, the Organizing Committee of Bao'an Industrial Development Expo (hereinafter referred to as Bao'an Expo) visited a number of enterprises to discuss industry trends, understand enterprise needs and industry pain points, and make the best preparations for the Bao'an Expo held in July.
According to the industry pain points and difficulties, combined with the economic situation and industry cases, invite industry experts and enterprise executives to hold forums and salons, analyze problems, share solutions and other activities.
How can we turn a blind eye to the hidden worries in the prosperous age? The long tassel in hand will bound the black dragon. Bao'an has always been a pioneer in reform and opening up. It has made an impact on the fortress of high-end manufacturing industry, and "Bao'an manufacturing" has thus moved towards "Bao'an intelligent manufacturing". 
With these changes and progress, we can see the new era of "Bao'an intelligent manufacturing" from the treasure Expo. Many high-tech enterprises gathered in the treasure Expo are the most important driving force for "Bao'an intelligent manufacturing". Digital workshops, intelligent factories, 3D printing, intelligent logistics, intelligent terminals and other high-tech enterprises will be presented on the treasure Expo site every year.
Recently, the Organizing Committee of Baobo Expo visited Shenzhen Rencai Technology Co., Ltd., a passionate and creative 3D printing high-tech enterprise.
(the picture shows Mr. Rong promoting the company's new products)
Shenzhen Rencai Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology enterprise with great creative passion. Based on the concept of pursuing excellence and inheriting the profound philosophical heritage of ancient China, its products will lead the development trend of industry technology in the field of color 3D printing, metal 3D printing and large-scale fast FDM 3D printing. One of the main products of Rencai technology in 2021: FDM multi-color new technology.
 Rencai  technology is dedicated to exploring the subversive technical route of FDM / sla-3d full-color generation, trying to uncover the new idea of ultra-low-cost FDM / 3ds-3d printing metal / ceramics, and put forward the filling theory of ten times the speed of large-scale fdm-3d printing group. The technical team has more than 200 intellectual property applications and will become one of the most influential innovative high-tech enterprises in China's 3D printing industry.
(the picture shows the production base of 3D printer)
Mr. Rong of Rencai technology said that he gained a lot from participating in the treasure Expo. Many viewers are interested in their product technology and have played a publicity effect on their products. He will continue to participate in 2019 and hopes to expand the booth.