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3D printing service

What is 3D Printing?
lt is a rapid prototyping technology,basedon the digital model file,using powdery metal , plastic and other adhesive materials , through the layers of the way to buildobjects to the technology.

Features of 3D Printing
High precision and short period
Diversity of materials
The cost is relatively low

1、Full color 3D printing

Full color 3D printing
The most immediate beneficiary of full-color 3D printing -- designers, Will be more aggressive in innovative design。You don‘t have to worry about whether you can turn your design inspiration into a real object。
Full-color 3D printing, which currently offers nearly half a million standard gamlette options, has been able to achieve consistency from the colors on the screen to the colors on the final printed model.It can help designers in various industries to provide both design and print prototype verification solutions.
Technical parameters of 3D printing
molding size:500*400*200mm
technology : Polyjet
Details of the size:0.4mm
wall thickness:1mm
specialty:It can print 500,000 colors in one. The printing model can contain flexible materials and transparent
materials .
Suit:Medical treatment, animation, process model
Not suit:Bearing parts
2、Metal 3D printing

Metal 3D printing
Metal 3D printing technology, as the most cutting-edge and potential technology in the whole 3D printing system, is an important defense line for the development of advanced manufacturing technology.With the development of science and technology and the demand of popularization and application, the use of RAPID direct molding to manufacture metal functional parts has become the main development direction of rapid prototyping.

Technical parameters of 3D printing
molding size:280*280*350mm
technology :SLM
Details of the size:0.4mm
wall thickness:1mm
Suit::Objects with complex shapes and high strength requirements
•Not suit:Large items of simple shape
•Material: 316L、 Die stee、titanium alloy、aluminum alloy
3、composite material3D printing

composite material3D printing
A composite material is a mixture of two or more materials in order to achieve better performance of the final http://material.In 3D printing, it can improve the strength, heat resistance, stress resistance, water absorption and so on.
Technical parameters of 3D printing
molding size:400×400×600mm
technology :FDM
Details of the size:0.5mm
wall thickness:1.2mm
Suit::Light mould; Functional prototype; Terminal parts; Mould application
Not suit:Smooth surface product