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Development trend forecast of metal 3D printing market in 20

2022 starts. How will the metal 3D printing market develop in the new year?

Ankit Sahu of objectify, India's largest 3D printing service company, believes that there are two trends in the metal 3D printing market in 2022: 1. Traditional metal parts manufacturers will continue to study 3D printing, take 3D printing as one of their common manufacturing processes, and select the most appropriate manufacturing process according to different part structures. 2. Metallurgical processes related to metal 3D printing have made great progress and will continue to make progress this year. In addition, the cooperation between traditional processes such as metal injection and CNC processing and 3D printing will become closer and closer, forming a hybrid manufacturing mode integrating multiple processes.
Albert sutono, a 3D printing expert, also gave his own prediction: 1. The research on materials for metal 3D printing will become the focus of the industry; 2. Software serving Metal 3D printing technology will also become the focus of attention. In general, more funds may be invested in materials and software research in 2022 than in 3D printer research.
According to the prediction of several leaders in the industry, metal 3D printing materials will become a major force in 2022. In the early days of metal 3D printing, many materials were metal materials that directly used other metal processing processes. Therefore, it is often 1 + 1